New GAMING PC Bundles starting form £499


Our PCs are built by experts that play games, so they understand exactly what gamers demand from their systems. Premium performance is complimented by tidy and efficient cable management, revealed through RGB lighting on selected models.

Just plug and play with our Gaming PC Bundle! We’ve put together everything you need to start gaming within minutes, without breaking the bank. This bundle includes the desktop, monitor, gaming keyboard, gaming mouse and gaming headset. We can Customise Gaming PC Bundle to your exact requirements and take your gaming experience to the next level!

Here you can see ours Christmas Bundles

10 thoughts on “New GAMING PC Bundles starting form £499

  1. Ruth says:

    Hi there interested in your gaming pc bundle

    1. PC Belfast Computer Services says:

      Hi Ruth

      Thank you for contacting us … please tell me in what budget the whole set should be and I’ll show you what we can offer.

      Regards PC Belfast Team

    2. Connor says:

      I’ve got £1000 budget for gaming pc. What can you offer me with this budget. I’m a keen gamer and want high FPS in games like warzone etc

      1. PC Belfast Computer Services says:

        Hi Connor we send all info straight to your email.

  2. Hi I’m looking a pc bundle of a budget of £500 but I’m looking a decent pc that would run gta 5

  3. mike says:

    Could you send me a quote for a gaming pc mainly for fortnite and qoute me the type of fps/graphic to expect?

    1. PC Belfast Computer Services says:

      Hi we sent you all info straight for your email.

  4. Ciaran Duffy says:

    Hi. I’m interested in a gaming computer, probably with a budget of around £500. Could you please give me some information on what I would require?

    1. PC Belfast Computer Services says:

      Hi thank you for contacting us. We will prepare an offer for you, please fill out a simple form so that we know what computer you need.

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